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58 GIN

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A brief history of
58 Gin

58 Gin

We will break down the traditional barriers of distilling, be inclusive and accessible. We believe that in making spirits and drinks relatable we can grow the craft spirit movement in a sustainable and positive way.

Creating gin hand sanitiser

58 Gin:
The Short Version

Once upon a time not long ago an Australian sea captain and diver surfaced in East London and set to work making his own gin. One year, one hundred experiments and, one assumes, a highly tolerant wife later, 58 Gin was born.

And the still’s still here, beneath the railway arches in Haggerston, and so is his single-minded spirit to do everything from the heart. A mission to demystify distillation, to craft a sustainable neighbourhood business, to act local and think responsibly, at every turn.

So the sloes in our English Berry Gin are foraged. The apples for our Apple and Hibiscus Gin would otherwise go to waste. And our waste, the botanicals, are gifted to the local church garden. In lockdown, we made nothing but hand sanitiser for the NHS, key workers, care homes and hospices.

All our suppliers share our values and so do our wonderful staff. We hope you do too.

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58 GIN

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