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Approachable and uncomplicated spirits that inspire people to live their passions and do it themselves

When you distil gin, there are three stages or cuts: the heads, the heart, and the tails.

The heads are too raw in alcohol, too crude. The tails are too steeped in botanical oils.

Only the tiniest cut from the very heart of the distillation run is smooth enough, and balanced enough, for us. We took years perfecting it and it’s the one cut we trust. One taste – one sniff, even – and you’ll see why 58’s Gin from the heart.

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Our philosophy is taking a straight forward approach to distilling spirits. Thoughtfully sourced, simple ingredients, distilled low and slow with only the heart of the spirit used.

Our Story
58 Gin Our Story

Gin From the Heart

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Distilled very slowly at the lowest possible temperature, we only take a tiny cut from the heart of each run. Beautifully bottled at 43% abv, it truly is gin from the heart.

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Come and share our space under Haggerston railway arches. It’s beautiful, friendly and, unlike your place, has a premium gin distillery.

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With a skilled distiller as your host, immerse yourself in a sensory gin-making experience acknowledged to be in a class of its own.

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