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English Berry (Distilled Sloe Berry Gin)

Made with the same skill and care as our London Dry gin, we macerate foraged sloe berries for six months before adding them to the distillation process itself, creating a full-bodied berry kick in a gin that’s still crystal clear.

  • Nose

    Ripe Plum and Damson, Orange Blossom and soft Raspberry.

  • Palate

    A melt-in-the-mouth mix of Blackforest Gateau, deep Cherry and fresh fruit with gentle spice.

  • Finish

    Smooth soft Vanilla and citrus.

43% ABV
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Hackney Cooler
Signature Serve

Hackney Cooler

50mls English Berry
20mls Lemon Juice
15mls Mint Sugar*

Shake and strain
Top 50mls Sparkling water

Glass & Garnish:
Mint sprig

*Steep mint leaves in sugar syrup for a couple of hours.